The world's 1st instant, fresh skin care.

Our skin cares are formulated on demand to adapt to your needs and your daily life. Day after day.

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An avant-garde skin care.

For Romy, in-home customisation is the ONLY way to respond to your skin's needs.


Every day. In a few seconds. At home. Fresh, healthy, personalised cares. The FIGURE Formulator is the only device in the world that instantly manufactures your dose of fresh care with no added preservatives.


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Give every person's skin the right care at any time, in total transparency. Adapted to your life. To your schedule. To your environment.

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A care tailored to your skin.

Our patented technology, the Fresh Percussion System, is the only one of its kind in the world and it enables us to freshly formulate your made-to-order cares.

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