Made to order.

For us, personalisation is the ONLY answer to your skin's requirements.

Our problem.

In the traditional cosmetic distribution channel, an average period 0f 15 months elapses between the moment a product is manufactured in a plant and its use, when it arrives in your bathroom.


And despite the addition of preservatives, the efficacy of many cares diminishes continuously over the long term. Furthermore, they do not necessarily deliver skincare that matches your needs from day to day.

Our solution.

Your skin is a living thing whose requirements and environment change on a daily basis.


For us, made-to-order skincare is, to date, the only way to meet these needs.


Freshly formulated. On demand or personalised. Freshly delivered or freshly stored. Our cares are free of added preservatives* to guarantee you optimal efficacy that has been scientifically proven.


*At time of formulation