Sahel plankton

Sahel plankton


Alleviates extreme dehydration and replenishes cutaneous water reserves.





The Sahel is one of the most arid parts of the planet. If we were to travel back several thousand years in time, we would see that has not always been the case. The region was once criss-crossed by vast rivers linking oceans, making it a kind of oasis below the Sahara Desert. Researchers in the heart of the Sahel discovered the presence of micro-algae: Sahel plankton. To survive, Sahel plankton had to naturally rid themselves of their excesses to conserve energy for their defence systems. Today, research has enabled us to better understand Sahel plankton and its tremendous powers. Having travelled through climates and eras, this micro-algae has extraordinary powers of adaptation. We draw from Mother Nature the best she has to offer.