Our cares.

Personalised. Freshly manufactured. No preservatives added*.
ROMY cares give your skin the right dose of the active ingredients it needs at the right time. No matter what your need is, Romy fulfils it instantaneously.

Your skin's demands.

With our unprecedented, revolutionary formulation system, the Fresh Percussion System, we have invented a new generation of skincare to meet the needs of your skin in three different phases.
Used at the start of your beauty ritual, our cares are designed to adapt to your lifestyle and to work in harmony with your environment.

In 3 phases.


An emergency solution

Fresh Shots

Radiance, hydration and freshness in record time. Fresh Shots, as their name suggests, are THE emergency solution for skin in a hurry. In a single, no-rinse application, they give your skin the comfort it needs.

For a 5-day cleanse

Fresh Cleanses

In just 5 DAYS, visible results that have been clinically proven. These freshly formulated cares are designed to restore balance to skin that is made vulnerable by excessive exposure to external irritants.

Every day


Every day. In a few seconds. At home. Fresh, healthy, personalised cares with no added preservatives. A true miniature laboratory that works in tandem with the ROMY application, the FIGURE Formulator is the only device in the world that enables you to instantly create fresh cares with no added preservatives. For Romy, in-home customisation is the ONLY way to respond to your skin's needs.
Discover the formulator

*At time of formulation