Aloe vera

The emergency care for red skin

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Fresh Shot

Save your skin after an intensive work-out or a cold snap!

After a single application 100% of skins are rehydrated and softened; after only 30 seconds redness is visibly reduced.*

Texture Content
Aqueous gel 1 dose of care

€9.90 inc VAT

* Clinical tests performed on 26 women in June 2018

Aloe vera

The ingredient.

Aloe vera

Hydrates, soothes and repairs your skin.

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To preserve its freshness and that of its active agents, your Fresh Shot should be stored in the refrigerator upon receipt and consumed before the due date written on the packaging.


Thoroughly clean your skin and apply the care to your face and neck.

When applying, you can lightly massage the skin with smoothing strokes from the centre of the face to the outer edges to stimulate blood circulation and encourage penetration. If you still have some care left over, we encourage you to use it on your hands, whose skin is also exposed every day.


We recommend that you use your Fresh Shot as soon as your skin needs it.

Thanks to its hydrating power and instant effect, the Fresh Shot may be the one and only care you use for the whole day. If you wish, you can continue using your regular products. The light, aqueous texture of the Fresh Shot can be used as a base for your skincare routine.