Probiotic Harmony

Balance restoration for vulnerable skin

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Fresh Cleanse

Give your skin the comfort it has been longing for!

Imperfections, stinging, tightness... Your skin is vulnerable and would like to get back its comfort and well-being.

96% of skins have their skin flora restored in only 5 days.*

Texture Content
Aqueous gel 10 doses of care

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* Clinical tests performed on 25 women in June 2018


The ingredient.


Boosts your skin's natural defences and immune system.

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To preserve its freshness and that of its active agents, your Fresh Cleanse should be stored in the refrigerator upon receipt and consumed within one month of its opening.


Thoroughly clean your skin and apply the equivalent of one dose to your face and neck.

When applying, you can lightly massage the skin with smoothing strokes from the centre of the face to the outer edges to stimulate blood circulation and encourage penetration. We encourage you to use the remaining care on your hands, whose skin is also exposed every day.


Use your Fresh Cleanse for 5 days, morning and night. We recommend that you do a Fresh Cleanse once a month to take advantage of its benefits over the long term.

Thanks to its hydrating power and light texture, the Fresh Cleanse may be the one and only skincare you use for 5 days. If you wish, you can continue using your regular products: creams, serums, make-up, etc.. The light, aqueous texture of the Fresh Cleanse an be used as a base for your skincare routine.