Stress, pollution, exercise, jet lag, indulgent eating, etc. Romy is committed to giving your skin a fresh, healthy care suited to your daily life!

A care adapted to your daily life.

We started out with a simple, obvious scientific observation: you skin is a living thing and 75% of its ageing is caused by its environment.

Skin is throw out of balance each day by: pollution, climate, stress, diet, fatigue, exercise, tobacco, etc.


Our cares are designed to work in harmony with your environment and your activities.
They evolve with you. With your schedule. To restore your skin's balance and address these external sources of harm.

Our commitments are summed up in a manifest comprising 9 articles :
  • All skin shall be entitled to healthy, pure, ultra-fresh nourishment.

    Article #01

  • All skin must be treated like a living thing by the person wearing it.

    Article #02

  • All skin can also invoke the right to a short-cut to nourishment.

    Article #03

  • No skin shall be arbitrarily deprived of a completely fresh start.

    Article #04

  • All skin reserves the right to say no to acts of aggression at any time.

    Article #05

  • All skin shall be entitled to time out to recuperate.

    Article #06

  • No skin shall be judged for having different needs today than yesterday.

    Article #07

  • All skin is living and like you, deserves to be listened to and cared for depending on how it is today.

    Article #08

  • All skin has a right to have its needs considered depending on what it goes through every day.

    Article #09


We are committed to total transparency so that you know what your skin is consuming each day: ingredients, origin, formulation, etc.

Our goal?

To become an ally in your skincare routine. To give you made-to-order cares adapted to your life, your schedule and your environment.

Authentic skin.

The skin you see on our models is not digitally enhanced. What could be more beautiful than bare, natural skin?


Use ROMY cares at the start of your beauty routine to restore balance to your skin. They are unisex and universal, which means they work for all skin types.

Made in France.

French cosmetic regulations are among the strictest in the world. This stringency guides us through each development cycle. All Romy products, including the FIGURE Formulator, are invented, designed, developed and manufactured in France.