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Do you have a minute? This is the time it takes to give your skin its daily dose of skincare: freshly formulated, clean, custom-made and truly effective !

Featuring the FPS® technology: Fresh Percussion System® and 28 patents. HyLab, the personal skincare lab releases the encapsuled active ingredients, at the last minute and integrates them into the chosen skincare base to create an effective, freshly formulated skincare.

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  • Express efficiency

    Express efficiency

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    Clean & natural

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See results in 5 days only!

In only 5 days visible and clinically proven results.

10 doses / 5 days of skincares
  • 10 doses
  • 5 days of skincares

All-nighter, pollution, imperfections, stress or even a seasonal change, all these elements disturb your skin.

A solution? Our Fresh Clenases. Freshly formulated and ready to use, this light and transparent facial serum is designed for skin that is too often weakened by external aggressions to restore its balance.

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What you say about us

  • "The format is very practical and mobile. The texture is light and has a vitaminic fragrance.

    To take everywhere! The product penetrates quickly, is pleasant to apply and refreshes the skin."


  • "The smell is pleasant, the packaging is practical thanks to its small and effective size.

    Immediate result, without the need for rinsing."


  • "Light texture, very good fragrant but not aggressive and practical packaging!

    Non-harmful product, lets the skin rebound! The skin is illuminated and full of glow!"


  • "Fluid texture, light fragrance (not heady) and colored packaging in single-dose format.

    I think the products are great!"




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