5 addresses to relax in Paris

5 addresses to relax in Paris

Tumultuous, noisy and stressful, Parisian life, in the middle of horns, is not always relaxing! But for a lunch break, an evening or a weekend, follow us to forget the traffic jams and the crowded subway. We take you to discover the best of relaxing activities: calm and full relaxation are the key words, recharge your batteries and offer a well-deserved break to your skin before leaving for more beautiful ones ;)

Well-being through cold

Shy, abstain! Because we're talking about cryotherapy to evacuate stress by cold, thanks to a thermal shock (ah gla-gla). Anti-inflammatory, this method is nevertheless effective to fight against stress, anxiety, eczema, or simply to recover after an intense effort. In fact, this treatment was once reserved for high-performance athletes, but it is becoming more and more popular because its effects are so beneficial to the body. Come on, courage, 3 minutes of session is enough and at the exit, recover from this big thrill by drinking a good hot tea: you hear your body and your skin saying thank you?

74 Haussmann Boulevard, 75008, www.cryobox.cool

Chasing stress away in a nap bar

After the nail bar, the salad bar, the cat bar, the smile bar and the bar itself, here is the snooze bar! In a place that calls for relaxation as soon as you enter, we offer you several types of naps: from a 15-minute micro-siesthetic to a 45-minute nap. And to rest, you can choose between a nap in a hammock, a massage chair or a shiatsu massage bed (a massage bed combined with heating stones) - each time with an external noise insulating headphone for maximum tranquility and total relaxation. You come out relaxed, soothed, ready to start the second half of your day!

29 Choiseul Passage, 75002, www.barasieste.com

Float to relax

No, it's not a joke, if you're overworked, you may need to clear your head and that's fine because at the Meïso Centre, we offer you a session of flotation to be alone with yourself. In an individual cabin, a real cocoon, you enter a circular pool with dimmed light, where the water is filled with Epsom salt: a combination of sulphur and magnesium. You let yourself be carried away for 1 hour by the gentle swirls of the water, in weightlessness and magic works. You come out completely refreshed and emptied of all negative thoughts. All you have to do is go home with a very soft playlist in your ears: nothing will disturb you anymore!

51 boulevard de la Chapelle, 75010, www.meiso.fr

An outdoor qi gong class

In theory, the Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese gymnastics and breathing science based on the knowledge and mastery of vital energy. It combines slow movements with breathing and concentration exercises. So flat calm, to help you refocus on yourself, to drive away stress, and even to strengthen your joints and improve your blood circulation. What better way to start the day? The appointment is given every day, at 9am on the median of the Buttes Chaumont for a free session: tradition obliges, Master Thoi shares this ritual for more than 20 years, whatever the season, he will be there!

Terre-plein next to Rosa Bonheur, 9am-10am, Monday to Sunday, Buttes Chaumont, 75019

Eat according to your mood

Breathing, meditation and yoga are not the only things that can relax you. Food can also play an important role in your mind and that's why The Cure restores your mood! Here, you will not only eat to please yourself or to follow a diet, but also to correct your mood and thus regain fishing (or potatoes, it also works), or gain in serenity. In short, whether you are tired, stressed or depressed, there will always be a menu to help you get over it! And the icing on the cake: everything is fresh and homemade and that is something to applaud.

34 rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009, www.thecure-restaurant.com