5 Fresh Cleanses serum to rebalance your confined skin

5 Fresh Cleanses serum to rebalance your confined skin

October 31, 2020, we are confined again, and your skin as well. Thus, if we summarize, since last March it has been subjected to: a first confinement, a deconfinement under the heat and the summer sun, the wearing of the mask at more and more frequent intervals, the arrival of autumn and cold, and it is about to be confined itself again for an indefinite (let's say) period of time.

So as we know that your skin has often experienced the first confinement badly: imperfections, ugly pimples, dull complexion,… We said to ourselves that for this second time, we were going to help your skin to find the way back to a comfortable and glowy confinement! Whether you are confined alone or not, in an apartment or in a big house, in the city or in the countryside, our 5 fresh cleanses serum are adapting to all confinements and they rebalance your skin in just 5 days!

Confined to an apartment

As the Romy team, you are confined to an apartment? Your skin is then doubly confined and it will need to be oxygenated because the daily authorized exit time will not be enough to avoid dull complexion or small skin irritations.

The Moringa Seeds of our Carbon Breaker Fresh Cleanse increase the expression of heat shock proteins (HSP70) so that your cells can better resist their new confined lifestyle. The tolerance of your skin is increased, it is soothed and rebalanced.

Confined and anxious

Some of you have experienced the first confinement very well, and are delighted to be able to return to jogging, plaid and teleworking for this second confinement. But for many others, this period is worrisome and their confinement rhymes with stress and insomnia.

If you are in this case, your skin will quickly feel it and it will express it by a dull complexion and all kinds of signs of fatigue: dark circles, drawn lines, swelling, … To revitalize and re-energize your skin, and radiate again during videoconferences, you need our Stress Suspender Fresh Cleanse! At the heart of its formulation: Silk Tree extract, whose bark has melatonin-producing properties (the sleep hormone) that helps reduce signs of fatigue.

Confined under the mask

The mask, your skin didn't see it coming! And even though it has been wearing it for several months now, it may still not be able to tolerate it and make you feel it: pimples, imperfections, tightness, or tingling?

To give back to your skin, the strength to support this mask which is not ready to leave us, we strongly recommend our Probiotic Harmony Fresh Cleanse. Enriched with a 100% natural pre-probiotic complex, it restructures your skin and restores comfort. Because when you wear the mask, your skin flora is weakened and its protective action diminishes.

The probiotic complex naturally reinforces the defenses of your skin and restores the cutaneous flora.

And then there are also those for whom confinement rhymes with ovens and aperitifs! If you recognize yourself well in these, know that if your body is subjected to some small excesses (rich food, alcohol or cigarettes), your skin will also necessarily suffer from them.

So to limit the imperfections and have a beautiful skin to find your love at first sight once this period of confinement is over, we’ve got a plan with the Detox Poetry Fresh Cleanse. Its active ingredient, Greek Island Pistachio Tree, has incredible detoxifying and purifying virtues. It tightens the pores of your skin, eliminates imperfections and reduces shine. And once again, in only 5 days!

Confined at all times

House, apartment, city, mountain or countryside, this second confinement comes in the fall, so wherever you are, your complexion will surely have taken a hit! Don't panic, our Electric Vitamin Fresh Cleanse will bring sunshine into your confinement (and glitter into your life?).

100% natural origin and based on Acerola, this serum fresh cleanse illuminates your complexion and reduces pigmentation spots in record time. 30 times more concentrated in vitamin C than an orange, Acerola reboosts your skin and your complexion!

As a reminder, our Fresh Cleanses are composed of 10 doses of freshly formulated and ultra concentrated serum: 1 dose in the morning, and 1 dose in the evening for 5 days to rebalance your skin. It is a serum with a watery texture and a very light fragrance that is applied to the face and neck with massaging movements that Cloé Capdeville, facialist, shows you right here.

But whatever the Fresh Cleanse you choose, we wish you above all to be in good health and to live this confinement in the best possible way, always being optimistic :) Take care of yourself and your loved ones.