The benefits of vitamin C, for your body and for your skin

The benefits of vitamin C, for your body and for your skin

Changing seasons, climatic variations and pandemic periods, it's time to take care of your body, your health and strengthen your immune system. THE vitamin not to be neglected at this time: vitamin C. Also called ascorbic acid, it is essential for our good health and is involved in many functions including tone and immunity. But what are more precisely its roles for our body and also for our skin? Let's take a look at this article!

Vitamin C to reinforce your immune defenses (but not only!)

Vitamin C is well known to boost the immune system.
It supports our immunity by protecting our cells from free radicals and by stimulating the mobility of our white blood cells. Real ally anti tiredness, it also improves the assimilation of iron by our body. But that's not all, because it also strengthens our arteries and regulates our blood cholesterol level, to help us in the fight against cardiovascular disease.

However, our organism does not know how to synthesize or store it. It is a micro-nutrient that it is therefore essential to absorb regularly to stay healthy. Let's go to our plate, and this autumn, you will be able to fill up with vitamin C thanks to Brussels sprouts, carrots and peppers which are very rich in it. On the fruit side, treat yourself with clementines, oranges, kiwis and red fruits.

A good immunity is good, but vitamin C can do even better: boost your skin and your complexion!

Vitamin C for a skin full of vitality

An antioxidant vitamin, vitamin C protects your skin from cellular aging and promotes tissue repair. It allows the synthesis of collagen and thus restores suppleness and firmness to the skin, while contributing to the reduction of pigmentation spots.

Nice, but how do we give vitamin C to our skin?

Acerola, the star of vitamin C

At Romy, our vitamin C treatment is based on the Electric Vitamin Fresh Cleanse. 100% of natural origin, the source of vitamin C which composes it is the Acerola of Brazil. Also called "cherry of the West Indies", this fruit is 30 times more concentrated in vitamin C than an orange, so it is very small but very effective! It is also very rich in vitamins B6, B1 and minerals.

Highly regenerating, the acerola contained in our Fresh Cleanse serum stimulates the cutaneous cellular renewal, erases the spots of your skin and gives again glare, flexibility and elasticity to it in only 5 days! Just like your body, your skin is radiant and reboosted and regains its balance.

Don't wait any longer, tone your skin and give it all the radiance it deserves ;)
And of course, continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones during this difficult period. We are thinking of you!