Face Mapping? When your body speaks to your skin

Face Mapping? When your body speaks to your skin

Face mapping comes from Chinese traditional medicine and if you speaks a little bit Chinese (we never know!), we also call it “mien shiang”. According to this tradition, flaws and breakouts on your skin (especially on your face), are no more, no less than signal from your organs. Let us explain you concretely, you’ll get it immediately !

Listen to your body to understand your skin

What your forehead tells us

If you don’t particularly have skins issues but just one or two pimples saying hi on your forehead sometimes, it is certainly a S.O.S from your digestive system. It could be the cause of poor nutrition, too much sugar or bad fats, and a lack of water. Be more careful with what you put in your plate and in your belly, focus on healthy and balanced diet and you won’t have to hide your forehead behind bangs! Notice also that if the pimple appears between eyebrows, it could be a signal from your liver. In this case, let go mojitos and other cocktails and drink more water.

What your chin tells us

Hi bad pimple on the chin ! If it dares to show up, it can be due to two things. First, an hormonal imbalance because the down part of the face is directly linked to reproductive organs. In this case, take care of your skin rigorously and softly ; remove your makeup in the morning and before going to bed, then wash it with a gentle cleansing gel or foam. Secondly, white pimples on the chin or a spotted and redish chin could also be a signal from your belly. In this second case, it is also time for a detox break: drink a lot of water to get rid of toxins and avoid sweet food cravings!

What your cheekbones tell us

Addressed to makeup addicts: the first cause of little pimples and flaws on your skin is the microbes hidden in your makeup brushes. To avoid this, don’t forget to clean regularly brushes and beauty blenders (at least once per week). The second cause involves smokers: in Chinese medicine, cheeks and cheekbones are the reflect of respiratory organs : isn’t that one more reason to quit smoking ?

What your nose tells us

We’ll talk about your digestive system again! To get rid of pimples on your nose, you must reduce bad fats, especially junk food and at the same time, save your cholesterol level. Yes, we know that’s hard. but we just said “reduce” and not “banish” ;) And to encourage good fats, you can eat salmon, avocado or almond. You can do it!


So what, do you believe it ?

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