The key to younger skin: the facial yoga?

The key to younger skin: the facial yoga?

Reduce lion wrinkles, prevent drooping eyelids, reduce dark circles, delay the appearance of crow's feet, and even work to reduce double chin? It's possible and good news: all you need is yourself, your reflection, your mirror and a little diligence! We'll explain it to you.

Sculpting and rejuvenating effects

Facial yoga has been recognized for several years as an alternative and 100% natural beauty treatment, particularly effective in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, preventing loss of firmness and restoring the skin's suppleness and youthfulness.

This is what American researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago published in January 2018 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. According to their study conducted on a sample of women aged 40 to 65, practicing "facial yoga" would offer a real natural facelift. After 20 weeks of regular practice, the women who participated in the experiment would appear up to three years younger.

The secret of a firm face

To preserve the youthfulness and firmness of your body, do you do sports? So do the same for your skin, and say goodbye to expensive and superficial solutions such as botox or cosmetic surgery.

How does it work in practice?

All day long, we make pouting that causes wrinkles and fine lines. Relaxing muscles where tensions build up, such as the jaws, eyebrows and forehead, helps to avoid them. All you need to do every day is a few targeted self-massage and stretching exercises to relieve the stress and tensions of everyday life. Rhythmed by breathing (the basis of yoga), these exercises will allow your muscles to work eccentrically, i.e. by lengthening the muscles at each end.

As you will have understood, regularly stimulating the "facial expression" muscles, the neck muscles or those around the eyes helps to improve the contour of your face by:

  • toning the skin of the face
  • plumping up the furrows that form there over time
  • improving microcirculation and blood flow to the face, which prolongs collagen and elastin production, ultimately reducing wrinkles and limiting their appearance.

3, 2, 1, show us your most beautiful face

No stress, you will certainly feel a little ridiculous at first, but a priori you are alone in your bathroom! And then, to slow down the effects of time, what wouldn't we be willing to do? In your mirrors, here are a few small daily exercises to reduce the signs of aging on your face without using a scalpel and without seeing all your savings go through it.

To reshape the oval of your face

With your chin slightly tilted down, place both closed fists under your chin. Press the opposite pressure between your fists and chin for 3 seconds, release for 3 seconds and repeat.

To smooth the eye contour area

With your fingertips, make gentle pressure movements from the inner corner of the eye to the hairline at the brow bone and then at the top of the cheekbone.

To smooth the lip contour

Always with your fingertips, apply the same small pressure movements to your lips and their contour. As we're cool, we found you a video clip to better visualize all this: just here.

Be careful though: if these exercises seem more effective - and especially more profitable - than a facelift, find the right measure and do not overdo it. Because like any other part of our body, the face does not tolerate excessive muscle strengthening. Similarly, when you stop working your muscles after intensive practice, everything collapses: you must therefore work on facial yoga in a gentle and long-lasting way. The ideal frequency: 5 minutes per day.

For a complete anti-aging routine

Facial yoga is therefore an excellent way to help your skin withstand the test of time. It will be even more so in addition to your daily beauty products, and in particular your Romy routine, ultra-personalized, and its anti-aging active ingredients:

You're not going to say no to a little relaxing break in the early morning before you start your day? ;)