Freshness at the heart of our technology

Freshness at the heart of our technology

As you know, HyLab is our new Personal Skincare Lab. A real cosmetic laboratory in a miniaturized version, which allows you to create your freshly formulated, clean and custom-made skincare dose everyday, at home, in your bathroom, But concretely, how does it work? And how does HyLab guarantee the freshness of your skincare? We’ll explain you everything!

FPS® Technology for Fresh Percussion System

At Romy’s, we are convinced that freshness is the only and unique mean to draw the best from each ingredient, and the only way to efficacy. That’s true, if you think about it, to feed yourself better, you choose fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen and canned food, or fast food ? We all agree! So why would that be different in cosmetics ?

Result of 5 years of research and development and protected by 28 patents (yes, we are proud of it!), HyLab allows you to create your freshly formulated skincare, whenever you want, in 1 minute, watch in hand! How? Thanks to an exclusive technology, developed by our engineers: the Fresh Percussion System® that we’ll divide for you in 3 steps in this article, because it’s this technology which guarantee you a super freshly formulated skincare! Follow the guide!

HyLab personal skincare lab

1. The active ingredient

Thanks to a 360° rotative system, a beveled needle will hits the active ingredient concentrated in the capsules you have inserted in HyLab’s articulated arm. Today, Romy offers you 12 different encapsulated active ingredients, each one answering to specific needs of your skin (anti-ageing, tightness, hydration, radiance, purity…).

2. The exact skincare dose

Then, an airless suction system takes the right dose in the skincare base that you had previously inserted in the back of HyLab. The right dose, no more, no less, no wasting! Also notice that each of our bases contains 30 mL of skincare, which is equivalent to 1 month of daily skincare, day and night.

3. The cold formulation

Last step: the concentrated active ingredient in the capsule is integrated to your skincare dose, then emulsified to give the optimal and perfect texture to your skincare: it’s the cold formulation. Just in time! These 3 steps only took 1 minute to HyLab to create your freshly formulated, clean and custom-made skincare!

That’s not all! To respect the legal authorities’ rules, our engineers have developed an internal self-cleaning system to eliminate the risk of contact with external elements. After each skincare, HyLab is then automatically cleaned and purified, and your skincare are clean and safe!

If this article gave you the desire to offer HyLab to yourself, it’s right there.