The ideal morning routine

The ideal morning routine

If you are late every morning, makeup on the subway between two stations and you clearly feel like you're having your morning, this article will interest you! Since Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning, we often hear about the benefits of the morning routine. But what does it really consist of and what are, in our opinion, the best tips for getting off to a good start each morning?

The world belongs to those who get up early

Getting up a little earlier than usual: this is the baba of the morning routine. What's the point ? Simply to give yourself a moment to do all those little things that we put aside too often because we have the impression to run everywhere, all the time: for example, have a good breakfast, do some gym exercises, or take the time to read. The first golden rule of the morning routine is to take your time, exit the haste and stress: you start your day calmly, at your own pace, in a peaceful state of mind and in a good mood.

For the less early risers, we still advise you to try to go to bed a little earlier to be sure to get up first; but especially to get in shape. So if your morning routine requires you to get up 30 minutes earlier, then try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual. You will see, little by little, you will get used to it and waking up will be less and less complicated;)

Do you want to save time? Get organized

To avoid wasting time in the morning and to be able to devote yourself exclusively to yourself, pack your things before going to bed: your bag, your lunch, school or children's sports equipment,… In addition, it will allow you to go to bed more serenely.

And in the morning, take advantage of your time to establish your to do list of the day so you don't forget anything and once again, go to work with peace of mind! You can also, to motivate yourself, set yourself a goal each day: only one to avoid frustration if you can't do everything: do 30 minutes of sports, do your accounting, cook home for dinner, tidy up your dressing room, etc. And to motivate yourself even more, don't hesitate to do all this to music (with headphones of course in case your spouse isn't as early as you are).

Don't ignore breakfast

Another important step in the morning routine is a balanced and vitamin-rich breakfast to avoid cracking between meals and limit slackening during the morning or even during the day. Treat yourself and take the time to prepare the breakfast you really want: toast and jam, scrambled eggs, bowl cake or smoothie bowl. Once it's ready, take the time to enjoy it (always to music if you want, or by reading)!

Wake up your body through sport

After a good night's sleep, sport is the best way to wake up your body. But be careful, this is not about exhausting yourself or forcing yourself too hard, but simply waking you up and stretching you out. It's up to you to choose what's best for you: a little jogging, yoga, or strength training exercises.

Take care of yourself

Finally, in our opinion, the ideal morning routine should also be rich in body and skin care (at the same time, that's our credo!). We therefore advise you, always taking your time (and with music), to start by cleaning your face to get rid of nocturnal impurities: with a mild soap that will not dry out your skin.

Then move on to facial care with our personal trainer: HyLab. Equipped with a technology unique in the world (Fresh Percussion System) and 28 patents, HyLab formulates your daily and personalized skincare dose i.e adapted to the needs of your skin, to your environment and to your lifestyle habits & activities.

And to avoid making people jealous, also moisturize your body. You're being seen coming: "And how do I put on my jeans after I spread myself with cream?" Don't panic, choose an oil or body serum with a dry feel and the problem will not even arise anymore ;) You are ready, awake and motivated to have a good day!

Relaxation, time for yourself, or positive thoughts, you will have understood it, the idea is not to follow our steps to the letter, but to create your own morning routine. Inspire yourself and then adapt them to what you really like and to what you would like to spend more time on ;)