Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you your skin type

Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you your skin type

Have you given in to the call of a cheese platter over a Spritz on the terrace with your friends? Sunny days are back, and we did the same thing! But after gossips and drinks, comes the time of suspense: will your skin avoid the invasion of spots ?

A healthy diet for a healthy skin

It is no longer to be proven: the appearance and health of your skin are also on your plate! Nutritionists and dermatologists tune their violins and recognize the impact of food on the skin: we'll explain why.

The skin is the largest elimination organ of your body (1.7m² on average). It eliminates toxins that circulate in your blood, through perspiration and sebum secretion. If you have bad eating habits (industrial products, dairy products, alcohol, sugar,…) the process of toxins elimination increases (because they are more than with a good diet) and your epidermis is inevitably affected! In short, the more you eat badly, the more toxins your body eliminates, and the more sebum, pimples and imperfections your skin produces. And it doesn't make you dream, neither do we !

Those foods that are good for you

But then, what are the best foods to choose for a well hydrated skin, a brighter complexion and less acne? For every skin problem, a food solution, take out your books and cooking recipes, here is our small selection of skin-friendly foods

For a radiant skin and a healthy glow, carrot is your friend

Rich in beta-carotenes, it allows your body to produce vitamin A. Just like many other orange, yellow or red fruits and vegetables: apricot, squash, sweet potato; or leafy green vegetables: spinach, green cabbage,…

For a well hydrated skin, rely on water and good fats

Let loose on water-rich vegetables such as cucumbers, which are more than 95% water-rich, and fruit: no doubt about watermelon. Not to mention the good fats contained in fatty fish such as salmon. Rich in omega-3, they maintain the skin's elasticity and prevent it from drying out.

To minimize pimples and imperfections

Banish fast sugars contained in industrial products, soft drinks or gluten and avoid dairy products which often contain hormones that can interfere with your own hormones. Choose vegetable milk (soya or almond milk) instead, and wholegrain rice or quinoa for cereals.

For a younger skin, let's go to the greengrocer!

Berries, red fruits (blueberries, blackberries, cherries,…) and nuts are rich in antioxidants and this is how they fight against premature skin aging by stimulating microcirculation and collagen production. And we often forget it, but beetroot contains a pigment (anthocyanin) that also increases collagen production and fights against fine lines and wrinkles… Finally, don't forget to drink enough water (between 1 and 1.5L per day) and avoid alcohol and cocktails as much as possible, which attack your liver and have disastrous effects on your skin.

What if your beauty routine saved your skin?

We won't hide it, even if you follow a healthy and balanced diet to the letter to have perfect skin and a goddess body on the beach, small deviations happen, and between us, it's better that than being frustrated and irritable until this summer (your loved ones will say thank you!) So in case of a small relapse, no worries, there's HyLab to support you in your daily life.

A real miniaturized and connected skincare lab, HyLab is a bit like the Siri in your bathroom: entrust it with your excess food, it will formulate the tailor-made face care for your skin and its little whims, at home, from day to day. Thanks to the Romy app, HyLab collects data from your environment and analyses your skin's needs to prescribe in real time THE combination of active ingredients to adopt. All you have to do is insert the active ingredient capsules into the HyLab skincare lab, which will instantly create an ultra-fresh, effective face care that is adapted to you, your skin and your lifestyle.

As a bonus, our natural active ingredients, effective in case of food deviations :

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