Have you already tried the layering ritual?

Have you already tried the layering ritual?

Straight from Asia, and more particularly from Japan, the layering ritual is also called the "mille-feuilles" or Saho ritual. We prefer to let you know right away: if you are in a hurry, or even late every morning, it may not be ideal for you! Because the very principle of this beauty ritual is to take the time, every day, to apply several specific facial treatments (6 treatments exactly), and this in a very precise order, from the lightest to the richest, in order to optimize the benefits. So at a time when the current trend is more towards "less is more", one wonders if you have already tested, and if all these steps are part of your routine?

If you already say to yourself: "phlegma", wait until you hear about the promise of this ritual! Because it seems that by carrying out the 6 steps of layering meticulously and regularly, we deeply hydrate our skin, restore radiance to our complexion and solve small skin problems such as excess sebum.

Here we go, deciphering this beauty ritual!

1. Make-up removal with oil

Morning, or evening; big make-up or discreet make-up, Japanese women don't joke about this stage and they are right! Because no matter what your makeup preferences, and no matter what time of day, skin needs to breathe and get rid of impurities, even residues from your environment and urban pollution. The texture of the oil is perfect for this step: place a few drops on your hands and gently massage your face (an opportunity to test our few tips on facial gymnastics ?)

2. Cleaning

With a natural soap, foam or cleansing gel, the cleaning step will then dissolve the excess oil on your skin and remove the excess impurities. The little trick of the Japanese to maximize the result: use a Konjac sponge.

3. The lotion

To be applied with a cotton pad, the lotion will prepare your skin to receive the following treatments (yes, you were warned, there are still 3 steps left!) by helping the stratum corneum to be more permeable. Used after cleansing, the lotion will also remove lime scale residues from tap water that attack the skin and that you logically used in step 2 to rinse your skin after cleansing.

4. The serum

We stay focused because it is here that the choice of your product will be more important. You must choose your serum according to the needs of your skin: hydration, anti-aging, or radiance, the serum is ultra concentrated in active ingredients so its role is important! Especially since it will also activate the benefits of the cream that you will apply at the last stage of layering. This is where our Fresh Cleanses are involved! Composed of 10 doses of care to be applied morning and evening for 5 days, it targets the bad effects of fatigue, stress, pollution, or even excess food, to rebalance your skin.

5. The eye contour area

This area is the finest, it is also the most sensitive and that is why you should apply only a care intended for this purpose. Whether it's to prevent fine lines and wrinkles or to reduce dark circles, you can apply it with your fingers by tapping very lightly to let the treatment penetrate. And for a fresh and decongesting effect if you are still not awake, you can keep it in the fridge ;)

6. Day (or night) cream

Last step! Last step! To complete the effects of the serum, moisturize and protect your skin, it is time to apply a day cream (or night cream depending on the time of day you have chosen to perform this little ritual). Here, the cream is to be chosen according to your skin type: oily, dry, mixed or normal for an optimal effect. For this step, the dose of fresh, clean and tailor-made skincare that you can create at home with HyLab personal care formulator, is the ideal!

And since we thought there were not enough steps, we decided to add one that was important to us: the lip balm. Valid in summer and winter, to protect your little mouth and moisturize it against drought or extreme cold.

As you will have understood, layering is based on the idea that beautiful skin should be perfectly nourished with water. The 6 steps of care, precisely allowing the water to penetrate more deeply into the epidermis and above all, to remain there throughout the day or night! But it is also a ritual that requires time and rigour, so, team fast life or temp I take my time?