Benefits of fresh cosmetics

Benefits of fresh cosmetics

Romy, a young French cosmetics brand, has decided to share all its secrets with you for an ever healthier and more balanced skin.

To do this, we joined forces with the Biochemistry Doctor Alexia GARRIGES MAZERT, who founded the consulting and expertise agency DERMALGAR. With nearly 20 years of experience in Research & Development, most of it in International Management within the L'Oréal Group, Dr Alexia GARRIGES MAZERT has conducted a study on the benefits of fresh products in cosmetics.

How would you describe Romy?

Dr. Alexia GARRIGES: "Romy. is the first French cosmetics brand to have developed an exclusive process of fresh, healthy, effective and tailor-made skin care products based on small capsules concentrated in active ingredients and freshly formulated. The carefully selected active ingredients are encapsulated and thus protected from light, humidity, evaporation, heat and air oxidation. Freshly formulated in the cream base, these active ingredients reveal all their properties and effectiveness at the time of skincare. It's like drinking a freshly squeezed orange juice, you're enjoying the full benefits of the vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit! "

What is the difference between Romy and the conventional cosmetics market?

Dr. AG: "In conventional cosmetics, this notion of "freshness" does not really exist since most of the products on the Market are manufactured 12 to 18 months minimum before use and are often saturated with preservatives to enable them to withstand storage, transport, distribution and shelf exposure for months or even years!"

What about conservatives?

Dr. AG: "In order to guarantee the preservation of products, i.e. to guarantee the microbiological stability of the formulas, manufacturers do not hesitate to use massive doses of chemical preservatives to prevent the development of micro-organisms, such as bacteria, yeasts, viruses or fungi.

These preservatives which can represent up to 20% of the finished product! They are potentially harmful substances, useless to your skin ( they do not bring any benefit), and are not without risk to human health and the environment. Moreover, certain controversial substances, such as parabens, triclosan, formaldehyde or phenoxyethanol, have been or are in the process of being withdrawn from the Market because they are suspected of inducing harmful effects on the body."

What does Romy bring to the market?

Dr. AG: In Romy skincare products, all active ingredients are packaged in small capacity capsules (single-dose/unusual use, 0.2 ml and hermetic), which preserve and protect them. Incorporated at the last minute into the care base and isolated from the other ingredients in the formula, these active ingredients require limited quantities of preservatives to ensure their stability, such as propanediol, a naturally occurring preservative from corn fermentation that is non-irritating, non-sensitizing and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to the exclusive technology FPS® - for Fresh Percussion System, all Romy. skincares are freshly formulated, at the last minute, just before use. The limited number of ingredients in the formulas and their natural origin up to 99% without silicone, without paraben, without sulphate, without phthalate make them particularly healthy and environmentally friendly products."

And the efficiency in all this?

Dr. AG: Are they still as efficient after months or even years, exposed to light and heat? The question really deserves to be asked.

On this point, the regulations are rather vague. However, we know that some active ingredients, such as vitamins for example, are particularly fragile, sensitive to heat, light and humidity and can quickly degrade, oxidize and eventually lose their quality and effectiveness over time.

How did you test the effectiveness of Romy products?

Dr. AG: To answer this question on efficacy, an independent laboratory study was conducted to measure the chemical stability and biological efficacy of vitamin C in two formulas: a freshly prepared formula and the same formula prepared 5 days earlier in traditional packaging, i.e. a pot exposed to light, fresh air and room temperature.

Vitamin C in both formulas was measured by mass spectrometry, a state-of-the-art analytical technique used in controls to specifically quantify chemicals in products.

What results did you observe?

Dr. AG: The result is impressive, we observe a 46% loss of vitamin C in the cream prepared 5 days earlier compared to freshly prepared cream. This corresponds to a loss of almost half of the initial asset concentration. Indeed, in this cream, Vitamin C has massively oxidized and degraded despite the presence of preservatives.

Then, the biological effectiveness of vitamin C was evaluated with the same two formulas by measuring the cutaneous penetration of the active ingredient into the skin. To do this, both creams were applied at a rate of 2 mg/cm² for 24 hours (at 32°C) on human skin explants, to simulate the conditions of use of a daily skincare product.

Vitamin C was extracted and then measured in the various skin compartments (stratum corneum, epidermis, dermis, receptor liquid that mimics the deepest layers of the skin). The vitamin C dosage shows that there is 31% less vitamin C in the skin to which the cream prepared 5 days earlier was applied compared to the skin treated with the freshly prepared skincare. Less active in the skin is less effective!

This study clearly illustrates the benefits of freshly formulated skincare products that preserve the freshness and quality of the active ingredients and deliver optimal effectiveness at the time of skincare.

vitamin C in the skincare
vitamin C in the skin
for a skincare prepared 5 days earlier

Finally, what is skin?

Dr. AG: Skin is a fragile living organ that undergoes many external aggressions: UV rays, dryness, excess, stress, pollution, fatigue, tobacco, alcohol… One of the most important organs of the human body with a total exposure surface of 2m² and an average weight between 3 and 5 kg depending on the individual. Tired, damaged, weakened, the skin gradually loses its ability to protect and regenerate itself.

At Romy's, how does it work?

Dr. AG: The Romy brand now offers a wide range of capsules concentrated in carefully selected active ingredients to create a unique tailor-made skincare. For each requirement of your skin corresponds an adapted care.

The capsule of Antarctic Ice Bacteria contains an asset that is a glycoprotein produced by a extremophilic bacteria who lives in areas of extreme cold. Protected, repaired and hydrated, the skin regains all its suppleness and softness.

The Yuzu capsule for the radiance of the complexion rich in flavonoids, limonoids and vitamin C, which are active ingredients that act very effectively on the epidermis and promote cell and tissue renewal and bring radiance and firmness to the skin. the capsule based on pistachio sap from the Greek islands, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which purifies, detoxifies, protects the skin, tightens pores, refines the grain and reduces imperfections.

Or the anti-ageing capsule concentrated in Sorghum Juice an anti-oxidant active ingredient, rich in polyosides (complex sugars), which acts as an immediate lifting, restores firmness and radiance to the face and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. By choosing one or two capsules to integrate into your daily care base, it is possible to create a multitude of 100% customizable skincares.

The exclusive HyLab formulator equipped with the FPS® technology - allows you to freshly prepare the right dose of cream to use, small capacities that avoid waste and to adapt your care to the daily needs of your skin: vitality, radiance, tone, elasticity, anti-fatigue, detox, comfort, protection… for the guarantee of a fresh, healthy, effective and tailor-made care.