A natural and homemade aloe vera face care

A natural and homemade aloe vera face care

If you have skin that tends to redden, tingling or tight, you've come to the right place! Let's talk about aloe vera, the plant whose pulp and gel have been used for over 5000 years to moisturize, soothe and repair damaged and dry skin.

Aloe Vera, plant with a thousand virtues

Consisting of 99% water, aloe vera also contains more than 150 different components that give it virtues that are no longer discussed: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, tannins and other amino acids. Thanks to its very rich composition, this plant stimulates the epidermal sirtuin-1 to provide an almost immediate soothing and restructuring effect on the skin.

Whether we are in autumn or winter with the cold which comes to tickle and attack our skin; in summer with the heat and the sun which come to dry it; or even in confinement (courage and stay safe!!) with a weakened skin, which does not have really any more reference marks; the aloe vera is an ally of size, and this, in all circumstances.

A tailor-made aloe vera skincare, at your home, in 1min

What's great about Romy is that you can :

1) Create and formulate your own fresh, tailor-made care doses, day after day, thanks to the HyLab formulator

2) Combine aloe vera and its moisturizing and soothing benefits with one or two other active ingredients with different and complementary benefits (radiance, anti-aging, purity, …) to create a treatment that will best suit your skin and its needs at the time.

Let us explain?

Customized care, day after day, at home with the HyLab formulator

Hylab is the world's leading formulator of tailor-made skin care products. You plug it in at home and insert capsules of active ingredients to create your own freshly formulated, personalized daily care doses. It's innovative, fun, fast and above all, the effectiveness is proven! A classic skincare product is formulated an average of 15 months before you buy and use it: it is filled with preservatives to last, goes from warehouse to warehouse and its active ingredients oxidize. On the contrary, a care freshly formulated with HyLab releases its active ingredients at the last moment, so that your skin can reap maximum benefits.

When you squeeze your orange juice in the morning, you drink it directly to take advantage of all its vitamins? It's the same for your face care!

1000 possible combinations of active ingredients to suit all skin types and situations

With HyLab, you also offer your skin personalized care on a daily basis and at any given moment: thanks to a wide range of active ingredients, you can create the combination of care products that best suits your skin type, its needs, your environment or your daily habits (physical activity, diet, …).

So, as we said above, if your skin currently needs the active ingredient Aloe Vera to be moisturized and soothed, but also needs firmness and if you want to reduce some wrinkles, you can for example combine it with our Lemon Yuzu and Sorghum Juice capsules. Or with any other ingredient of your choice ;) They are all compatible with each other, and you can combine up to 3 of them per treatment with the HyLab formulation.

So will you let yourself be tempted?