Sport and healthy skin : our tips

Sport and healthy skin : our tips

There is not only tiredness and yesterday’s night that are visible on your face! Your skin reflects your life habits and when you exercise, it changes and becomes more elastic. Is this argument enough to re-motivate you to practice a physical activity ? We take a chance with this article and by the way, we give you some tips to apply before, during and after every workout to protect your skin and so that it takes maximum benefit from your efforts (yeah, so that we don’t get moving for nothing!)

Sweat to detoxify

If we know well sport’s virtues on our health and body, we may forget a little too much how it can also be beneficial to our skin ! Yes, as for kidneys, skin is an elimination organ. By practicing a physical activity and by sweating, we eliminate toxins that clutter our skin and we increase its firmness and elasticity. Some explanation ? By sweating, pores empty their impurities and dead cells are driven out from the skin. But that’s not it: during physical effort, our body produces heat that activates micro-circulation. That’s why skin tissues are more well irrigated and our skin more flexible and more radiant. In a nutshell, sport is a little bit like skin’s “self-cleansing”, not too bad, right?

Prepare its skin to effort

Beware, for sport’s good-complexion-effect, you have to prepare your skin before, during and after the effort or you risk to dehydrate it brutally. No worries, we don’t talk about endless preparation but several fast and easy tips to integrate in your sport routine.

Clean the skin before sport

As explained above, sport will make you sweat and thanks to that, your skin will eliminate toxins, impurities and dead skin. Then, it is prohibited to block the way with makeup or many layers of too rich skincare! Before every training, be aware to let your skin breath as more as possible, to ease the evacuation of toxins. Our quick solution: slip a pack of makeup remover wipes in your sport bag ;)

Protect and hydrate the skin during sport

If you exercise outside, you must have the reflex to protect your skin: use a sun protection and apply it on every exposed part of your body. We won’t tell you again the bad effects of sun, just keep in mind that sweat has a magnifying glass effect on the surface of the skin, the effects are multiplied. It would be dumb to sculpt a dream body but not be able to show it because of sun burns, right?

Second reflex; drink small sips of water, at least every 10 minutes during your training. If your body needs to be hydrated all day long, it is even more needed during a physical effort. And if your skin is very reactive when you exercise (translation: if you are as red as a tomato after 10 minutes efforts), refresh your skin with an atomizer ;)

sport et belle peau

Clean and hydrate (again) the skin after sport

The morning before going to work, the noon before lunch break or at the end of the day, no matter when you practice sport, it is essential to not let your sweat dry on your skin. Why ? Simply because first, your skin has absorbed all toxins eliminated by your skin during exercise and secondly, its contains salt that can dry your skin fast! In short, go to the shower and prefer a gentle soap or shower gel.

Of course, keep on the right track by drinking water or freshly squeezed fruits juice to rehydrate your body. For your skin, the water your drink will obviously play its role. But after your shower, the ideal is to apply a hydrating skincare on your face, which will compensate for the loss of water during your training. That’s where we make an entrance with our super active ingredients!

Our super ingredients for sport

As you know, the “My coach” mode of Romy HyLab app prescribes you encapsulated active ingredients to insert in HyLab, our Personal Skincare Lab, depending on your skin’s needs, your environment and your lifestyle. In this case, if you play sport, the app will direct you towards the Sahel Plankton capsule to rehydrate your skin and the Mexican Aloe Vera capsule to soothe rednesses and reduce tightness. You only have to insert them in HyLab, in 1 min, your custom-made skincare dose is ready to take care of your skin ;)