Focus on custom-made cosmetics: it's your skin that decides

Focus on custom-made cosmetics: it's your skin that decides

After e-commerce and social networks, the beauty sector is now embarking on its third revolution: the provision of technological innovation for hyper-personalized cosmetics. The emergence of new uses, personalized marketing and even the manufacture of custom products (packaging, formulas, textures,…), you are not dreaming: it is based on your needs, habits and lifestyles that we create the skincare of tomorrow. In other words, the ball is in your court, it's your skin that decides!

But then at Romy, the tailor-made one, what exactly is it?

HyLab, the first personal skincare formulator

HyLab: a small name of only two syllables, but more than 1000 possible skincare formulas. Yes, really, really! We explain how it works.

Fruit of more than 5 years of research and development and equipped with 28 patents HyLab is the world's first personal skincare formulator. Its technology - the Fresh Percussion System® (PFS®) - allows the active ingredients preserved in a capsule to be released at the last minute and integrated into the chosen skincare base, to create an effective, freshly formulated skincare (whereas a classic skincare is formulated on average 15 months before being placed on the shelf…)

Okay, but more concretely?

On your smartphone, the Romy application detects your skin's needs, your daily desires, the data of your environment or your lifestyle, to run its algorithm and prescribe you the most appropriate combination of active ingredient capsules for your skin at the time. HyLab, which receives this information via Bluetooth, no longer waits for you to insert the skincare base and active ingredient capsules, then in 1 minute, it formulates your personalized skincare dose. A short video to better image it? Right here.

A skincare that adapts to the needs of your skin, your environment and your daily life

The mode "My Coach" of the Romy HyLab application allows you to inform your needs and recent events that impact your skin. It is on the basis of this information that the active ingredient capsules will be prescribed by the algorithm, and HyLab will be able to formulate your ultra-personalized facial treatment.

For example, you first choose the need(s) of your skin: moisturizing, anti-redness, radiance, etc. Then your smartphone will pick up the data of your current environment (weather, pollution) and those of your life rhythm (sleep, physical activity). Finally, you end up adding your lifestyle habits: consumption of coffee, or cigarettes, excess make-up, poor nutrition… All you have to do is click on "validate my care" and the application reveals the combination of active ingredient capsules that will rebalance your skin. Easy, isn't it?

A skincare that adapts to your desires

We do not stop there since a second selection mode - "My desires" - allows you to choose yourself (without the help of the algorithm) the capsules of active ingredients you want to select to compose your day care. Sorted by categories (hydration, anti-ageing, radiance,…), you will find the benefits of each ingredient capsule (12 in total) and will be able to make your choices without any doubt ;)

We hope this article helps you to see more clearly and if you still have some questions, don't hesitate to check our FAQ or write to us at the following address: we will be happy to guide you to hopefully count you in the Romy family!