These women that inspire us

These women that inspire us

This Sunday 8th of March, it is Women’s International Day. To celebrate it, we decided to give voice to 4 women that inspired us, by asking them what is their greatest pride. These testimonies reboosted us, and will reboost you too ! We let you discover them.

What are you the most proud of ?




Thanks for inviting me to answer this question for this day specially dedicated to women’s rights.

First, I asked myself if this was more appropriate to speak about an event, a concrete project, or if we would be proud of a direction? That’s finally what echoes in me. Then, I would say that my greatest pride is to move forward everyday, a little bit, towards myself.

I consider myself lucky to grow up and old (when do we start to say old instead of grow up?), in a society with beautiful values where I can feel free. However, freedom remains a complex notion, which can change meaning depending on the context. Not always easy to be free to choose the paths we take when we are continuously requested by a society that expects an attitude, an appearance, an income, a posture, commitments from you… Today, I am proud to appeal to my free will to know if my future decision is coherent with the direction I want to give to my life.

I am proud of following my heart and of training myself as a yoga teacher in India 3 years ago, whereas my studies devoted myself to a career in marketing in mass distribution.

I am proud of going out of my comfort zone and of having the confidence to start my company Yo’Time while I didn’t think I had the “entrepreneur” profile.

I am proud of getting married, of overcoming the belief that marriage can limit our freedom, and of having at heart to honour this commitment.

I am proud of all these times where I took bad decisions, because they finally allowed me to sharp the direction I wanted to give to my life.

I am proud of these people around me, that I admire, whom inspire me and give me the motivation to move forward in the path towards ourselves.

Each path is unique and personal. Each effort to exceed our limiting beliefs, whatever they are, is honourable! It is for me, the most beautiful way to grow up. As Simone de Beauvoir said, “I accept the big adventure it is to be me”.


Chloé BONICHON, Head of Ecology, Agriculture and Food at KissKissBankBank



My greatest pride? Daring to make a 360° turn in my career to be more in line with my convictions and to have a positive impact on the environment.

My greatest pride is to had listened to my instinct, to dare taking several paths, going at the unknown and above all, to be aware that we only have one life and that it deserves to be lived at 1000%!

After many years in marketing and several awarenesses on environment, I decided at 28 to quit my job, to go on an adventure with my backpack in Peru and Bolivia, to come back to the essentials, cultivate, cook, travel, observe. Rich with this experience, I came back in France, more determined than ever to give meaning to my job, that’s why I went back to college and I decided to train myself in Sustainable Development at the Sciences University of Nantes.

In parallel with my studies, I wrote a memorandum on Sustainable Food and organized a France tour to met farmers involved in transition, I had the chance to discover and re-discover our beautiful French territory and terroir. What a richness!
Today I found my dream job! I joined Kisskissbankbank last year, pioneer hub of crowdfunding in France.

My mission, to support project leaders, entrepreneurs, in the sector of agriculture, food and ecology, to give them all the keys to succeed in their crowdfunding campaign.

On a daily basis, I am in contact with all the beautiful sustainable initiatives that born in France every year, with all these people that decide to change their lives to be more in line with their values too.

The idea is to go for it!


Charlène MOISAN, Head of Logistics and Customer Service at Romy



This year, my greatest pride from a professional point of view and as a 30 years-old young lady, was to structure the whole logistics and transportation part of Romy.

To see a project come to life day after day, to see that the choices, decisions and risks were the right ones, especially in an environment rather reserve for men, is a real personal satisfaction.

My customers are satisfied to receive their orders in the best conditions. My motto: deliver quickly at the right place, at the right time and in good condition to never disappoint a customer.

Today; this type of logistics project can be brought to be duplicated in other territories internationally and I look forward to taking up the challenge.


Johanna FAYOLLE, fondatrice de Saisons d’Eden



My greatest pride is not a fact or a particular action, but a state of mind that gives me the courage to make big decisions.

This state of mind is the one that makes me feel totally free, from an education, from projections, from an environment, from what-could-they-say etc.

Feeling free is an everyday work to truly know ourselves. A quest which I am proud because it allows me to be the master of my life and to feel that I belong.

From this freedom and knowledge of myself, comes one of the biggest decisions in my life: quit a permanent position in consulting, turn my back on my political sciences background to create my business in cosmetics! I had to learn everything on my own by changing my professional field and by being strong to take on an important decision-making power.

Today, and despite of the hardships of this marathon, I am proud to be an entrepreneur, as this status offers immense freedom and to be fulfilled in cosmetics, source of well-being for others!


And you, what are you the most proud of? Tell us just here