Our tips to protect your skin from blue light

Our tips to protect your skin from blue light

Did you know how much time you spend in front of screens each day? No less than 6 hours, which is 50% more than 10 years ago! If this figure shooks you, wait until you learn how much we check our smartphones each day… 2716 times, almost 2 times per minute (Deloitte). That’s huge, and above all, these are many occasions to harm your eyes but also your skin: pigmentation marks, dull skin, even premature ageing of the skin. All the things we don’t want to hear about! Here’s several tips to protect your skin from this digital pollution.

What is blue light ?

Before any advice, let’s see what’s exactly the blue light. It is a part of the light’s spectrum, and more precisely, the blue-violet range. We find it naturally in sun lights (7 to 10% of sun lighting), next to UVA and UVB, but also artificially, in LED bulbs and in our screens: TV, computers, smartphones and tablets. The wavelength of blue light is between 380 and 500 nanometers, against 290 to 400 for UVA and UVB. However, longer the wavelength, deeper it penetrates in your skin… which explains the negative effects on your skin!

The effects of blue light on my skin

If we often hear about bad consequences on our sleep or our eyes and brands that offer glasses with blue light protection appear at the speed of light (no pun intended), but we are globally less aware of its harms of our skin! Though, it’s proven, 30 minutes per day in front of any screen are enough for the blue light to attack your skin, outch!

Oxidative stress

As for tobacco, pollution or UV, the exposure to blue light could progressively cause oxidative stress for skin cells. Yes, as explained above, the wavelengths emitted by blue light can penetrate the skin deeper than UV light. At the end, the complexion is duller, blurred and imperfections make their entrance!

Premature skin ageing

By penetrating deeply in our skin, blue light also reduce our cells capacity to regenerate and even if it is not immediate, fine lines appear on the surface of the skin. Similarly, the production of collagen and elastin is reduced, although these proteins are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Pigmentation marks

Last bad news: blue light over-trains cells called melanocytes, which causes them to produce more melanin, that’s where pigmentation marks can appear on your skin. We don’t know about you, but we are not fond of it, so here’s our tips and solutions to protect to the maximum your skin from all these nasty effects.

How to protect your skin from blue light?

If we tell you digital detox, it’s a no-no? We understand, it’s not easy to let your screens go. However, reducing one’s exposure to screen is the most effective and radical way to limit the effects of blue light. But if, for you, 1h without Instagram is an impossible mission, here other solutions.

Use sun protection

Yes! Regardless of the weather, your geolocalisation, even if you work locked up in office, sun protection is the first reflex to have to protect your pretty skin from blue light bad effects. So, of course, in the middle of winter and under a greyish weather, you don’t have to spread yourself with 50 SPF sunscreen! On the other hand, you can go for day skincare that already have an SPF : bb creams or cc creams for instance! Otherwise, a simple foundation can also be a barrier.

Fill up with vitamins and antioxidants

Thanks to their antioxidants effects, food full of vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene, have a protection action against free radicals. That’s why they are strongly recommended to fight oxidative stress, to protect the skin from blue light, and indirectly from premature skin ageing. Take a piece of paper and a pencil, here’s the shopping list: carrot, almonds, fatty fish, lemon, orange, hazelnuts, sweet potatoes, goji berries, vegetable oils and pumpkin… all you need to strengthen your skin against screens!

Adapt your skincare

If you follow us a little bit, you know now that HyLab, our Personal Skincare Lab, allows you to create each day, at home, your freshly formulated, clean and entirely custom-made skincare dose, thanks to our large choice of encapsulated active ingredients. So here’s the 3 capsules we recommend if you want to custom your skincare to your lifestyle in front of screens and blue light:

And to forgive us for exposing you to blue light during the reading of this article, we also found several tips that you can install fast and easily. On your computer (Mac and PC), you can download F.LUX, an APP that allows you to adjust the colorimetry of your screen. Depending on your geolocalisation and on the hour of the day, it is capable of reducing the blue light emission and of adjusting colors regarding your needs.

On your phones, you can usually adjust the blue light directly in your settings. On iPhone, go to “settings and then “brightness and lighting”: the Nightshift feature decreases the shades of blue by increasing warm shades. As for the True Tone function, it adapts the display and color intensity according to your environment.

On Android, go to “settings’ then “display”, then “eye comfort” (or “night mode” depending on your phone model): activate the blue light filter and that’s it!