Your skin also needs to sleep!

Your skin also needs to sleep!

Do you take hours to fall asleep or are you easily disturbed in your sleep? Unfortunately, it is well known: lack of sleep means fatigue, stress, anxiety and a bad look! So to sleep better and save your skin from dark circles and greyish complexion, follow these few (natural) tips and run into Morpheus' arms ;)

Have an early and light dinner

To sleep like a baby, you must first have had enough time to digest your evening meal. To do this, don't eat too late and choose foods rich in magnesium to regulate your blood pressure; and melatonin (the sleep hormone) in order to help you fall asleep more quickly: bananas, spinach, fish, rice, tomatoes…

And of course, avoid coffee, sugar, tobacco or alcohol before going to bed because they are well known to disturb your sleep and cause stress.

Hydrate yourself

Go to bed well hydrated, and don't forget to drink at least 1.5L of water during your day. And if you haven't reached this level, prepare yourself a good herbal tea. Preferably to help you sleep better: lime blossom, orange blossom, or chamomile.

Lime blossom has been appreciated since ancient times for its calming properties and its beneficial effects on sleep, stress and anxiety. Orange blossom is ideal in case of insomnia or sleep disorders. Chamomile will help you digest better and fight anxiety. It would also have soothing and healing effects on the skin: useful if you are stressed to the point of suffering from eczema.

Encourage disconnection

At least 30 minutes before going to sleep, try to stay away from the light of the screens. Whether it comes from your TV, smartphone or computer, blue light does not have a good reputation, especially when you know that on average, we spend 6 hours a day in front of our screens! It prevents the secretion of melatonin (and by the way, damages your eyes and skin). So choose the small bedside lamp and the right book: it is the ideal way to relax and fall asleep more easily.

Optimize your night space

Last but not least, advice for an even deeper sleep: pillowcase, radiator, curtains,… we won't talk about decoration but about small arrangements in your room and bed, to optimize your sleep. I promise, it's very simple, no need to take out the step ladder and the paint can!

A little lavender on the pillow

Lavender essential oil is very effective in relaxing all the muscles of your body: once relaxed, you will see that sleep comes much more easily. So spray a little bit on your pillowcase and sleep soundly.

Lower the temperature

Arm yourself with a good duvet, warm or cosy blankets, and you will no longer need to turn on your room's radiator (in addition, you will save on your electricity bill and protect the environment). Yes, because the temperature of a room must not exceed 19°C. If this room is too hot, it can disturb your sleep and dry your skin!

Immerse yourself in complete darkness

Finally, to make your sleep as refreshing as possible, it is better to plunge your room into darkness before going to bed in order to make your brain understand that it is almost time to sleep; then, at bedtime, go into complete darkness. If you don't have any shutters or they let a few rays of light through, install opaque curtains (well ok, finally it may be necessary to take out the step ladder!)

Our tired complexion S.O.S ingredient

If after all this, you still find your complexion tired, we have one last string to our bow: the silk tree as an active ingredient, to be combined with a skincare base using our personal skincare lab: HyLab.

Discovered in the 18th century, the silk tree is poetically nicknamed the Sleeping Tree because at nightfall, its leaves naturally curl up on themselves to recharge their batteries. Its bark has detoxifying properties that fight against skin aging; and melatonin-producing properties that reduce all signs of fatigue: dark circles, bags, drawn features, dull complexion. The active ingredients contained in our ingredient concentrate allow the skin to recharge, revitalize and the complexion to refresh and illuminate.