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Welcome to a new era of skincare.


At home.
At every moment.

  • Custom made +1000 formulas

  • Freshly formulated

  • 1 minute only

  • Multi-user mode

  • Self-cleaning function

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Hello beauty!

Your skincare routine, freshly formulated, clean and tailor-made.
Every day, at home, in 1 minute.

A standard skincare, identical for months, cannot offer a solution as targeted as a REAL tailor-made skincare !

HyLab, a personal skincare lab, creates your skincare dose that evolves with the rhythm of your life thanks to a large selection of encapsulated active ingredients to personalize your skincare base, every day.


The skin is a living organ. Give a fresh, healthy and over-vitaminous nutrition.

Equipped with FPS® technology: Fresh Percussion System® and 28 patents, HyLab delivers the encapsuled active ingredients at the last minute and integrates them into the chosen skincare base to create an effective, freshly formulated skincare.

DIY in 1 minute! Choose your skincare base, your encapsuled active ingredients. Hop! Your fresh, healthy and tailor-made skincare is ready!

  • 28 filed patents

  • 5 years R&D

  • FPS® technology

  • ISO 22716 norm

  • Made in France

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Create the best of tailor-made.

Your skin evolves every day according to your environment, your activities, your life!

Discover a wide selection of encapsulated active ingredients to personalise your skincare base every day.

With more than 1000 different combinations.

Finally a skincare that keeps pace!

« I'm working a lot these days, my skin is dull and tired. I'm choosing the Silk Tree capsule. I did some exercise, I need to recharge my energy and rehydrate my skin, I choose the Sahel Plankton capsule. After a drunken evening, I detoxify my skin with the Dulse capsule. »

Simple and effective. Capsules with clear benefits and proven results.

Want to know the perfect combination for your skin? Discover our Romy HyLab mobile app!

Romy mobile app


Fresh skincare, at any time.

At Romy, we are convinced that effectiveness can only be reached through a freshly formulated skincare.

With HyLab we offer you the possibility to formulate your skincare at the last minute and get fresh skincare at any time of the day.

Your encapsuled active ingredients are impacted and formulated at the last minute at the skincare base, to deliver all their benefits.


Get every day, a skincare of incredible efficiency and purity, adapted to your life and needs.

FPS® technology

What's in the box?

  • 1 personal skincare lab

  • 1 magnetic spatula

  • 1 power supply unit

  • 1 free Discovery Kit

    (20 capsules + 1 cream base + 1 wash solution)

  • Free shipping

  • 2 years warranty

  • 20 capsules
    2 bases

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Romy offers innovative formulas and always more in line with our needs.


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