Mobile app

The Romy app is your personal beauty partner

An app developed in collaboration with dermatologists.

Offer to your skin fresh, healthy and high-performance active ingredients for optimal effectiveness, for each skincare, directly at home.

Used with the HyLab, Romy mobile app is the first app in the world, which allows you to get a fresh and tailor-made skincare every day, which means adapted to your environment and personalized to your skin, your desires or your habits.

Available for mobile phones and tablets.

How to use

Discover the modes

  • My Coach

    My skincare adapted to my skin and my daily life

    The Romy mobile app helps you every day to advise you the most appropriate and personalised skincare for your skin, at the right time.

    By connecting to the Health app and following your location, the app automatically detects events related to your environment or lifestyle.

    Let the Romy coach be your guide and discover the top of the custom-made!

    My Coach
  • My Fancy

    My DIY skincare

    You, better than anyone, know what your skin wants

    Every day, your needs and desires change, sometimes it's difficult to combine the two! This mode will give you the possibility to choose your skincare according to your own objectives and desires. In this mode, you are free to choose your active ingredients.

    Do you need hydration, radiance and anti-tiredness? In one skincare, all your needs are satisfied!

    My Fancy
  • My Cleanse

    My 5-day cleanse

    Thanks to this mode, formulate your own Romy fresh cleanse directly at home and offer a real reset to your skin, in only 5 days!

    My Cleanse

Personal Skincare Lab

You don't have HyLab yet?

Tired of changing cream every season? Fed up with throwing your jars of empty creams? Do you dream of being able to test a different skincare each day without breaking the bank?

Opt for HyLab, the latest generation personal skincare formulator! The youngest member of the Romy family offers you more than 1,000 active ingredient combinations, allowing you to customize your dose of skincare to infinity.

Change your beauty routine in seconds from your bathroom.

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