FPS® technology

Enter the heart of the FPS® technology

At Romy, we are convinced that freshness is the only way to get the best out of each ingredient expenses is the one and only way and that efficiency can only be obtained through fresh care.effectiveness requires fresh care.

To do this, we have designed and developed the FPS® technology.


The exclusive formulation system

Our sciences are fluidics and mechatronics.

In order to offer you ever fresher skincare, we had to think of an innovative, compact, high-performance system.

After several years of research, our engineers created the first personal skincare lab, HyLab, with an exclusive technology called "Fresh Precussion System ®".

How does it work ?

Thanks to 360° rotating systema beveled needle hits the encapsuled active ingredient, first. In a second step, a an airless suction system takes the skincare base with a variable speeds mechanism, according to the viscosity of the formula in order to take the right dose.

Last step : the cold formulation step using an adaptive mixer, in which the active ingredients are integrated into the skincare base and emulsified to deliver a dose of skincare with the optimal texture.

In 1 minute, create at home, an effective, freshly formulated, healthy and tailor-made skincare.

  • 28 filed patents

  • 5 years R&D

  • Worldwide innovation


We create a cold formulation that, through a turbulent regime, combines our skincare bases and encapsuled active ingredient in a uniform way, without affecting the properties of the active ingredients.

This formulation is made using an adaptive mixer with variable speeds and variable number of cycles to obtain an perfect final texture.

This makes it possible to create high quality skincare while respecting cosmetic standards, especially the European standard of good manufacturing practice called GMP, the ISO 22716 standard.


HyLab is considered by the legal authorities as a « cosmetic factory ».

In fact, our skincare lab follows strict rules, especially to ensure the perfect safety of our skincare. Harmlessness defines the quality of what is not harmful and does not cause any adverse effects on an organism.

To do this, our engineers, in association with our laboratories, have developed an internal self-cleaning system so that the system is automatically purified and clean, after each skincare formulation.

All fluid flow is regulated by an intuitive silicone valve system, which creates a closed circuit from the beginning of the formulation process to the end to eliminate the risk of contact with external elements and to offer an healthy and safe skincare.

NFC technology

HyLab is equipped with NFC or Near Field Communication to interact with the skincare bases and wash solution.

HyLab has an RFID antenna and our bottles are equipped with RFID tag to exchange data and ensure product traceability by recording information such as expiration date or batch number. This NFC Technology also makes it possible to update the filling level of the bottles after each use.