Mexican Aloe Vera

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Sport, hard water, weather, emotions: the skin reacts. It tends to blush, tingle or tighten. In short, it becomes uncomfortable.

Aloe vera is a floral species native to East Africa. Formerly called plant with a thousand virtues, the pulp, or gel, of this plant has been used for more than 5,000 years as an elixir for attacked and dry skin.

Made of 99% water, Aloe Vera also contains more than 150 different components including vitamins, minerals, trace elements, tannins and other amino acids, making it one of the richest plants in the world.

This plant stimulates the epidermal sirtuins-1, providing a soothing and anti-ageing effect. The stimulation of epidermal cells also has a restructuring effect.

The skin is rehydrated and soothed, redness is reduced.

Did you know?

Aloe vera is also a real ally for our hair!

Under a gel texture, aloe vera is particularly effective in moisturizing and strengthening the hair fiber.

Applied directly along the entire length of your hair, it penetrates deeply to retain water in the hair.

Note that dehydrated hair will be much harder to untangle and style. Therefore, Aloe Vera gel will be your go-to product for your messy hair.


Moisturizes, soothes and repairs your skin