Antarctic ice bacteria

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In winter, when temperatures drop, your skin dehydrates and dries out. She is attacked, torn and even very uncomfortable.

Thousands of kilometres away, in the southern polar region, 800 metres deep under the ice Romy found the ideal ingredient to fight the effects of cold on your skin.

Antarctic Ice Bacteria is a peptide composed of three amino acids that has exceptional cryoprotective properties.

In 1988, a Spanish researcher discovered that the glycoproteins contained in the bacteria stimulate collagen formation and elastin production, allowing the skin to protect itself under extreme environmental conditions.

Thirty years later, research has led to a better understanding of the bacteria and the vastness of its powers. One of its properties is to contract itself in contact with external aggressions, such as the biting cold of Antarctica in order to protect itself and keep its organism intact.

In the same way, this active ingredient protects your skin from cold weather aggressions. It is repaired and moisturised.

Did you know?

At that time, women from the South Pole melted blocks of Antarctic ice in the sea and preserved the water they collected to apply it to their faces during the winter, which acted as a cryoprotector.


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