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We can never repeat it enough, sometimes you have to let go and enjoy life: dancing until the end of the night, choosing a good pizza on Friday evening, sipping cocktails under the sun.... These excesses are good for our mindset, that's for sure! But what are the effects on your skin?

Smothered by all this oxidative stress, it blushes, reacts, saturates and loses its radiance. Dulse rebalances skin disturbed by excess.

Cradled by waves and bursted with sunshine all year round, this purple coloured seaweed is enriched with vitamins A, B12, polysaccharides and natural carbohydrates. Delicately harvested, it significantly improves skin microcirculation, blood vessel function and lymphatic drainage. This seaweed promotes the elimination of toxins while stimulating cell renewal.

The skin is detoxified, regenerated and regains its radiance.

Did you know?

Dulse has been used since the 10th century in food and cosmetic. Appreciated for its subtle hazelnut taste and its content of vitamin C and proteins, it is used in cooking by many populations around the world.

It is sometimes found fresh on the market, but the dry version is more common and very practical: Dulse is very fine and rehydrates in the blink of an eye. It can therefore be added directly to soups and salads without soaking it first!


The skin is detoxified, regenerated and regains its radiance.