Greek Island Pistachio Tree

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Pollution, hormones, incomplete cleaning, stress, excess: so many factors that favour the appearance of blackheads, shine and other dilated pores. Romy has selected the Greek Island Pistachio Tree to free the skin from its imperfections.

The Greek island of Chios is the land of the Lenstic Pistachioes. Its rocky and arid soil, typical of the Mediterranean scrubland climate, is a favourable habitat for this aromatic resin producing tree.

This pistachio tree tightens the pores and reduces their total surface area. A significant reduction in both types of retentional lesions, points and microcysts, gives this tree a purifying action.

The skin is purified and mattified. The surface area of the pores is reduced and imperfections are reduced.

Did you know?

In Antiquity, men and women were advised to cleanse their faces with this specific resin for the purity and radiance of their complexion.


Purifies and rehydrates the skin to maintain its suppleness and comfort.