Hexapeptide 8

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Laughing, smiling, expressing oneself, so many expressions of life that contract the muscles of the face and gradually reveal expression lines.

A latest-generation peptide resulting from laboratory research, Hexapeptide-8 relaxes the skin's muscles and neutralizes the muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles, reducing the action of the neurotransmitters responsible for contractions.

It acts in a similar way to botulinum toxin, more commonly called Botox, without its side effects!

This peptide increases the release of glutamate, indicating a powerful anti-wrinkle expression activity.

Decrease of the contraction force of the muscular zones, smoothes the skin and relaxes facial features.

The maintenance of the cellular hydration provided by this peptide makes it possible to anticipate, limit and reduce the effects of age on the skin.

The first signs of ageing are reduced, expression lines are smoothed and facial features are relaxed.

Did you know?

Botulinum toxin comes from the culture of a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum

Its use in aesthetic medicine is actually a coincidence. The primary medical use of botox was for ophthalmological care, more specifically to treat eyelid disease: blepharospasm.

By looking at the pictures of this treatment results, the couple of doctors Carruthers noticed a side effect that would launch botox injections into the world of aesthetic medicine.


Anticipates the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines related to oxidative stress.