Moringa Seeds

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Pollution is a subject that affects all of us. Whether we live in the city or in the countryside, we are all aware of this phenomenon.

In addition to having an irreversible impact on the planet, this pollution also has a visible impact on our skin: accelerated skin ageing, dull complexion, irritated and attacked skin.

In India, the tree that never dies grows: the Moringa. Inside its white flowers are hidden seeds with prodigious purifying properties.

These seeds increase the expression of thermal shock proteins (HSP70). As a result, cells are more resistant to damage caused by external stresses and increase skin tolerance.

For example, a decrease in the production of stress proteins provides protection against cigarette smoke.

Purified and detoxified, the skin regains its radiance.

Did you know?

Moringa seeds, also known as tree of life seeds, originate from Asia and Africa.

In India, these plants are used in Ayurvedic treatments to heal, purify and energize the body and mind.

In India, water collected from rivers for cooking or hydration is often contaminated. In order to use it without fear, men dip Moringa seeds into it to clarify it!


Protects the skin from attacks caused by pollution and activates the skin's defense mechanisms.