Probiotic Complex

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A little biology? The cutaneous microbiota is the microbial flora located on the surface of the skin, composed of billions of microorganisms. The microbiota is a real natural barrier against external aggressions, inflammations and infections.

The skin flora is precious! It keeps your skin healthy and protects it from external aggressions. Sometimes weakened, its protective action decreases.

The probiotic complex restores the damaged skin flora and naturally strengthens your skin's defences. Probiotics are living microorganisms. More commonly referred to as good bacteria, they help the microbiota to stabilize and protect the skin by strengthening the epidermal barrier and eliminating bad bacteria. Probiotics, on the other hand, are plant fibres that feed the bacteria in the microbiota.

Soothed and protected, the skin regains its balance.

Did you know?

Won't we do a little shot before we go to the office? Yes, but not just any one!

Put away your strong alcohols, this year the hot shot is made with fruit and spices! To boost your immune system, drink a shot of ginger and cumin on an empty stomach and start your day on the right foot!


Boosts your skin's natural defences and immune system.