Sahel Plankton

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Working out, excellent for health, nevertheless leads to sudden dehydration of the epidermis. At Romy, we are aware that there is no question of depriving ourselves of sports to have beautiful skin.

The Sahel is one of the driest areas on earth, but if we look back a few thousand years, this has not always been the case. Crossed by large rivers, linking the oceans, the region was at one time a kind of oasis under the Sahara.

In the heart of the Sahel, researchers have revealed the presence of a micro-algae: Sahel plankton.

To survive, Sahel plankton have naturally been able to get rid of its surpluses, to conserve the energy of its defence system and also have the ability to maintain a high level of hydration, even under extreme heat... In the same way, this micro-seaweed helps to restore the skin's water reserves, brutally besieged by sports practice.

The skin is regenerated, moisturized and its water capital is preserved for 24 hours.

Did you know?

Sweat, your skin loves it!

Tiredness is often caused by an acid-base imbalance in the body in favour of acidity.

By sweating, the skin is lighter, clearer, smoother. The pores are "emptied" of their impurities, dead cells are eliminated, and micro-circulation, activated by heat, produces better irrigation and better nutrition of skin tissues.

The skin is better moisturized, therefore more supple and radiant. We're less tired.


Compensates for sudden dehydration and restores skin's water reserves.