Silk Tree

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When you are sleep-deprived and tired, your skin makes you feel it. Dark circles, eye-bags, drawn features, dull complexion, so many signs that you would like to see disappear. The silk tree is the ideal ingredient to fight against these side effects.

Found in Asia, this plant has been used for centuries in beauty rituals on different continents.

The silk tree is poetically nicknamed the Sleeping Tree, because, at nightfall, its flowers naturally curl up on themselves in order to recharge their batteries.

Despite its discovery in the 18th century, it was not until the 21st century that Romy discovered that the bark of the Silk Tree had detoxifying properties that counteracted the glycation effect that caused skin ageing, and properties that produced melatonin, the sleep hormone, which reduced all signs of fatigue.

Resourced, the skin is revived as after a good night's sleep: the signs of fatigue disappear, the skin is rested, the complexion fresh and radiant.

Did you know?

Displaying less tired skin also requires a good diet!

Foods rich in beta-carotene give us a healthy glow and contribute to hydration and cell renewal. So choose orange-red fruits and vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, oranges or mangos!


Fights the visible signs of fatigue, promotes the elimination of toxins and stimulates cellular activity.