Sorghum Juice

At Romy, we carefully select active ingredients with proven effectiveness to create your fresh, made-to-measure skincare


Oxidative stress, genetic heritage, age, skin ages as time goes by. Wrinkles and fine lines, loss of density, loss of volume, the manifestations of ageing are multiple. Romy chose Sorghum juice to fight the signs of ageing.

Domesticated 8,000 BC in Ethiopia, Sorghum was originally cultivated for its grains.

Its capacity for environmental adaptation has enabled it to develop itself on all continents and become the fifth most cultivated cereal in the world.

Rich in polyosides and sucrose, Sorghum Juice has impressive energizing and antioxidant properties, acting as a tightening veil for an immediate micro-lifting effect.

The skin is smoother, radiant, firmer and wrinkles are reduced.

Did you know?

Also available in flour, sorghum seeds are gluten-free and very good for your health. Sorghum flour is recognizable by its very particular colour, pinkish brown, and its slightly sweet taste.

Ideal for all types of preparations, salty and sweet, it can be used up to 40% of the total amount of flour in the recipe!


Immediately restores firmness and radiance to the face, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.