Tetrapeptide 22

At Romy, we carefully select active ingredients with proven effectiveness to create your fresh, made-to-measure skincare


Directly connected to the nervous system, the skin suffers the daily consequences of your emotions: stress, anxiety, nervousness... All these sensations are translated by the nervous system into a biochemical language, via neurotransmitters.

Your emotions, added to oxidative stress, weaken your skin. For all these reasons we have selected Tetrapeptide-22, a peptide to fight against the effects of skin nervousness.

Our ecological approach does not allow us to draw on all the natural resources on our planet. So Romy trusts research and partners-up with science to save your skin.

This peptide increases the level of protein in your skin. It then becomes a real protective shield: protects your cells from climate change and increases your skin's tolerance to the external environment.

Your skin is protected, its tolerance is increased, it regains its radiance and hydration.

Did you know?

Are you stressed and can't find your serenity?

There are a number of methods to fight anxiety, including sophrology, a relaxation technique based on breathing and thought management exercises, which aims to become more aware of your body and the messages it sends out.


Prevents cell dehydration and improves skin tolerance to stress.