Wild Acanthus

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Climatic variations unbalance the skin. Weakened, it is more sensitive, more reactive, it dries up.

Wild Acanthus, from dry and rocky areas of the Mediterranean basin, grows mainly in Southern Europe.

This flower, which combines performance and naturalness, targets dry and damaged skin due to climatic variations, to help them regain their balance thanks to its impressive regenerating, repairing and protective properties.

Allowing a stimulation of skin repair processes as well as a deep regeneration of the skin, Wild Acanthus allows the skin to regain its barrier function.

The barrier function is the first line of defence between the body and the aggressions of the external environment.

Rebalanced, nourished and protected, the skin is protected from dryness and chapping. It is smooth, bouncy and intensely moisturized. Wrinkles fade and the oval of the face is restructured.

Did you know?

Wild Acanthus inspired many Greek artists of Antiquity with its impressive decorative foliage.

More generally, it appears in various forms (scrolls, rosettes, etc.) in all decorative arts.


Activates natural defences to provide a barrier against bad weather.