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« Passionate about innovation: combining cosmetics and technology seemed essential to me, in order to lead cosmetics to a new era of ultra-targeted efficiency.


Our mission is to offer an alternative to the traditional cosmetics, healthier and more effective.

Its implementation requires a multi-patented technology, developed by our engineers and produced in France, to offer to the consumers freshly formulated, tailor-made skincare products with proven effectiveness. »

Morgan Acas, co-founder.
  • Efficient


  • Clean & natural

    Clean & natural

  • Fresh


  • Made to measure

    Made to measure

  • Made in France

    Made in France

Our commitments

  • "All skin shall be entitled to healthy, pure, ultra-fresh nourishment."
    - Article 01 of the skin -
  • "All skin must be treated like a living thing by the person wearing it."
    - Article 02 of the skin -
  • "All skin can also invoke the right to a short-cut to nourishment."
    - Article 03 of the skin -
  • "No skin shall be arbitrarily deprived of a completely fresh start."
    - Article 04 of the skin -
  • "All skin reserves the right to say no to acts of aggression at any time."
    - Article 05 of the skin -
  • "All skin shall be entitled to time out to recuperate."
    - Article 06 of the skin -
  • "No skin shall be judged for having different needs today than yesterday."
    - Article 07 of the skin -
  • "All skin is living and like you, deserves to be listened to and cared for depending on how it is today."
    - Article 08 of the skin -
  • "All skin has a right to have its needs considered depending on what it goes through every day."
    - Article 09 of the skin -


Fresh skincare, at any time.

Have you ever thought about squeezing your fresh fruit juice 15 months in advance?

Of course not! Because, you know that in a few days, your fresh juice will have lost its benefits and vitamins.

In traditional cosmetics, it takes up to 15 months from the formulation of the skincare product to the date of purchase by the consumer. Do you think that's a little long? Now, add PAO, Period After Opening, which extends the term of your product from 6 to 24 months!

This is why we have decided to offer you, an alternative to traditional cosmetics. At Romy, we now that the effectiveness of a treatment depends on freshness.

Our study


A skincare adapted to your daily life.

We started from a simple and obvious scientific observation: your skin is alive and 75% of its ageing is due to its environment.

The skin is unbalanced everyday by : pollution, climate, stress, nutrition, tiredness, sports, tobacco, etc..

Our skincares, developed for all skin and types, are conceived to be in harmony with your environment and your activities. They evolve with you. To the rhythm of your life. In order to rebalance your skin in front of these outside aggressions.

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Naturalness for efficiency.

All our formulas contain between 95% and 100% natural origin ingredients. The remaining % are synthetic elements, derived from green chemistry to ensure perfect protection and deep respect for your skin. Indeed, the skin tends to have allergic reactions when using 100% natural formulas.

And that's not all! In line with European cosmetics regulations and ISO22716 standard, we are committed to keeping ourselves regularly informed of any controversial or even suspected new ingredients in order to remove them from our formulas even before any new legislation.

Our ingredients
One Percent For The Planet - Member

Romy is a member of the global collective 1% for the Planet to help the environment protection.

1% for the Planet is a nonprofit organization, launched in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews. This philanthropic movement has already united more than 1600 members in nearly 40 countries who are committed to donate 1% of their turnover to environmental associations. Since its creation, more than 175 million euros have been devoted to causes such as climate, pollution, wildlife and natural areas.

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