Our personal skincare lab.

Create your skincare: fresh, clean, custom.

At home, every day, in 1 minute.


HyLab capsules

Our collection of encapsulated active ingredients.

Each pack contains 10 capsules


HyLab bases

Our essentials to create your face skincare.

Each flask amounts to 1 month of daily face skincare.


Fresh Cleanses

The freshly formulated, ready-to-use facial serum for a 5-day cleanse and clinically proven visible results.

Each box contains 10 single doses


Fresh Shots

In case of emergency.

Each Fresh Shot contains 1 single dose

  • Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Aloe Vera
    Fresh Shot
    Comfort - Moisturising - Anti-redness
  • Kale Kale Kale
    Fresh Shot
    Comfort - Tonicity - Elasticity
  • Yuzu Yuzu Yuzu
    Fresh Shot
    Firming - Tonicity - Protection
  • Fresh Shots Trio Fresh Shots Trio Fresh Shots Trio
    Fresh Shot
    Emergency kit
Daily fresh