They talk about us

    • GALA - 2020

      A real longevity ingredient in cosmetics


      Home-made skincare is the recipe for efficacy [...] This is the case for Romy Paris, which offers to create freshly formulated and personalized skincare at home, thanks to an app and a connected device.

    • VOGUE - 2020

      After 10 mini-doses, tiredness signs and dehydration wrinkles have disappeared.

      about our Fresh Cleanse Stress Suspender

    • MADAME FIGARO - 2020

      Custom-made energy: ultraclean active cleanse for weakened skins

      about our Probiotic Harmony Fresh Cleanse

    • PARIS MATCH - 2020

      The first system with encapsulated ingredients, inspired by coffee machines.

    • GLAMOUR - 2020

      Your ideal daily skincare is within a hundred possible formulas and is delivered to you in one minute.

    • COSMOPOLITAN - 2020

      Boosted in probiotics, from 100% natural origin, they moisturize and tonify at the long term.

      about our Probiotic Harmony Fresh Cleanse

    • GALA - 2020

      A Nespresso-alike for skin, we love it!

    • VSD - 2020

      A purifying cleanse to apply in the morning or at night for a bright skin.

      about our Carbon breaker Fresh Cleanse

    • STYLIST - 2019

      This formula contains a peptide capable to fight nervosity's effects on our skin and a detoxifiying extract of silk tree.

      about our Stress Suspender Fresh Cleanse

    • ALEA JACTA EST - 2019

      A high-tech device which combines the best of nature and science.

    • BEAUTY FORUM - 2019

      No more impersonal skincare, now, with HyLab, the Personal Skincare Lab, we can create everyday in several minutes, our skincare dose and above all, custom it to our skin needs.

    • LSA - 2019

      The Nespresso of beauty, Romy, offers a new and more compact formulator, which allows to create custom-made skincare.

    • METRO - 2020

      Called HyLab from Romy, the lab lets you mix personalised formulas using capsules, [...] you can mix and match them to suit your changing skincare needs throughout the seasons.

    • GALA - 2020

      Valentines's Day: 40 dream gifts ideas in beauty.

      about HyLab


      Romy's HyLab is both the Little Thumb and the undisputed king of the [connected beauty] category.

    • FEMME ACTUELLE - 2020

      The Vitamin C, the anti-oxidant and anti-spots active ingredient.

      about our Electric Vitamin Fresh Cleanse

    • FASHION NETWORK - 2019

      Romy Paris deploys its new Personal Skincare Lab [...] in Fnac's stores, Monop'Beauty or even Galeries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann.

    • ELLE - 2019

      As coffee machines, Romy invents the first custom-skincare formulator.

    • WWD - 2019

      Romy Paris heads to U.K. With Harvey Nichols, looks further abroad.


      French beauty brand Romy is helping consumers achieve their skin goals with a new personalised digital tool.

    • MARIE CLAIRE - 2019

      Purified and detoxified skin in 5 days.

      about our Detox Poetry Fresh Cleanse


      With more powerful active ingredients, a compact format and more accessible price. HyLab, the new Personal Skincare Lab may steal the spotlight.

    • M6 - 2020

      As simple as making an espresso: [with HyLab], an innovative device, which ensures skincare with active ingredients chosen with an app.

    • BFM BUSINESS - 2019

      The Nespresso of cosmetics [...] which allows you to make custom-made skincare.